T U A R I is an art & design studio specialised in creating visual imagery and concepts for private and commercial clients. Our work consists of photography, video, objects, installations and spatial design.
Aiming to bring the outside in, nature plays a large role in most of our work. With our cameras we capture the colours, shapes, textures and light that exist around us and combine & edit these elements to create multi-layered abstract imagery that often functions as the foundation of all our projects.

T H E  S T U D I O was founded in 2012 by us; mother-daughter creative duo Yolande A. Thijm & Eliane Willeumier. Having worked separately in various creative fields, we decided to join forces and merge our artistic skills and views to create new work together.

B E S P O K E  D E S I G N
Following a 360° approach, we aim to connect art, design, interior and architecture to create a cohesive space. Our work can be customised or made site-specific to fit any space, object, purpose or event. We also design custom-made work and concepts for private and commercial clients in commission.

In need of something visual? 
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